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Where is Freddy

by Tom Wisdom on 08/29/10

Once again we are renewing our search for "Freddy" the large gold fiberglass Jones High mascot. If you have any information please post it here!  We really would like to have him present at the League City Reunion next April!

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1. Totsy said on 8/14/11 - 10:07AM
We have always maintained that the website would not be used for political posting but that is changing...our America is in bad shape and never since WWII do great silent majority of AMerican need stand up and demand our government quit spending money we do not have, stop borrow money and balance the budget. I am Tea Paty Member and total support the efforts to tell Washing to STOP! Falcons Lets hear from you!
2. Carsol Heath Saile said on 9/22/12 - 05:27PM
I agree that we are in trouble in this wonderful country that we were so fortunate to grow up in. Glad it was in the 50s. I know that the good people of Texas will vote based on knowledge and understanding of the problems we have, however, Iam a bit worried about the state I live in now, Colorado. Vote!!!

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