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Our Rights...Our Government...Our America

by Tom Wisdom on 04/17/14

Stand Up Falcons...let your voice be heard! Tell us what you have to say...we have created as a venue for all of us Jones Falcons 70+ Americans to tell how you feel about our America. This Post has been created for all of us...our editor and leader will be Mike Cooper Class of 1960. What we hope that many of you falcons will add your thoughts and comments to the conservative, direct, insightful and often humorous voice of Jones’ Soothe and Sage....Bubba Cooper

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1. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 4/18/14 - 01:50AM
I'm almost ashamed to admit that I am not a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I'm not the smartest kid on the block but I may not be the dumbest either. But I'm getting good at recognizing when someone insults what little intelligence that I have. And I really get pissed when it comes from a current or former president. In The Houston Chronicle today is an article on the Environment wherein Jimmy Carter (you remember old peanut farmer) joins fellow Nobel laureates opposing the Keystone pipeline. Carter says that approving the pipeline would trigger "more climate upheaval". I would like to note that Carter was joined in the opposition to the pipeline by American political activist Jody Williams (now that's impressive), Iranian human rights leader, Shirin Ebadi (Duh, Iran has a human rights leader), and Liberian women's peace movement leader, Leymah Gbowee. Now that's a group to follow. I would really be influenced by this group of highly acclaimed individuals.
2. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 4/18/14 - 01:52AM
Continued from above Now here's the stupidity to this equation. Does Jimmy think that Canada will not produce any of the oil or by us not having the pipeline....duh! No they will produce the oil and ship a bunch by rail car to the gulf coast for refining. Gee whiz Mildred, those damn rail cars run on air, didn't you know that? According to Jimmy Dumbass the pipeline is the problem. We've got to find smarter people to run this country. And Jimmy, your daughter is ugly too! Read the article: http://fuelfix.com/blog/2014/04/16/jimmy-carter-comes-out-against-keystone/ R. M. "Mike" (Bubba) Cooper
3. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 4/18/14 - 01:58AM
Question for the day is: Do we all appear to be stupid or is it just that they think we are? I'm stuck at home today and Obama is holding a press conference. Now first you have to know that this is not something he does very often. Today is April 17th and it's his first of the year. Now secondly, you have to realize that all the questions asked of the anointed one have to be given to the Obama staff prior to the conference in order for him to have a complete answer to the question. Or could it be that he does not want any surprises! Right off the bat, Obama praised the success of the Affordable Care Act (Obama care) by telling everyone that they have now signed up over 8 million people on the government insurance web site.
4. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 4/18/14 - 01:59AM
Continued from aboveNow that's kinda misleading to say the least. First, no one has ever submitted a true number to (a) those that have paid, (b) those that did not have insurance prior to the bill, (c) how many of that number is Medicaid, (d) how many of the 8 million had their insurance cancelled by the bill. As I recall when the Democrats were touting the bill originally they said that over 30 million people in this county did not have insurance. Now let me see, we've got 8 million signed up and we had 30 million that needed insurance. Duh, I knew those figures didn't match. First grade math told me that!
5. Totsy Wisdom JHS 1960 said on 4/18/14 - 09:24PM
I have troublke just watching any main stream media national news...what are we to do?
6. Dew Ann Cotten JHS 1959 said on 4/21/14 - 12:45PM
First Child Malia on break in Mexico If George Bush's daughters or Clinton's daughter had done this, it would have been all over the news and the voter's would have been calling for heads to roll 24/7. But with the chosen one, you hear nothing on the major media. Want to know where Obama's 13 year-old daughter went with 12 friends? On "spring break" in Oaxaca Mexico , on your dime. She took two jets, 12 friends and 25 secret service men. A thirteen year-old? What the? Why haven't you heard about it? All English-speaking media were 'requested' to kill all stories/copy of this costly trip to Mexico. WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH, Amerika????????
7. Totsy Wisdom JHS 1960 said on 4/23/14 - 06:42PM
Date: April 22, 2014 at 5:53:28 PM MDT To: Subject: FW: Texas (R) Steve Stockman Letter to the White House re. BLM acting in NV .... All, New ones are coming in faster than I can read and keep up. A different perspective on the problem – that Federal Agencies have no police powers and no authority to conduct armed intervention using their para-military forces in a state without being under the authority of local police forces who have jurisdiction. Jim
8. Totsy Wisdom JHS 1960 said on 4/23/14 - 06:43PM
Quick note to all, And Harry Reid says it ain't over. When does a US Senator get to call the Law Enforcement or Judicial shots? Very interesting, very interesting! Also thought elected politicians worked for the good and well being of We the People who elected them and who we the Citizen Taxpayers pay while in office? Willing to bet Rep. Stockman has it right. How many in Congress will support him? - - - - are heavily armed Federal Departments and Agencies Constitutional? Especially in times of growing unsupportable National debt. America already has a capable US Total Military Force and each County (over 3000) have an elected Sheriff with deputies plus the State Governors have a National Guard under their Command. Why isn't there as much political concern on the US/Mexican Border that has allowed over 30 million illegal aliens to trespass? Wake up Americans, take a deep look, then you read and you decide. Charles Jones, NV 3rd Congressional District
9. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 4/30/14 - 07:43PM
Let's face reality! The 'Bleeding Hearts Liberal" are crying today over the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma. The death drugs given to Lockett didn't work right away and he eventually died of a heart attach. And I say, too damn bad that this ass hole had to suffer just even a little, it needed to be much more. I would have told the prison people to carry him out back and to bury him alive as that is what he did to 19 year old Stephanie Nieman, after he raped her and shot her twice. And this was one month after she graduated from high school. Is the main stream media telling you what Lockett did to deserve the death penalty? Nooooo, they just want to you to feel sorry for poor Clayton Lockett. I think that we need to reinstate the death penalty by hanging or death penalty by firing squad. And I think we need to do it like they did way back when. First, do it soon after the guilty verdict. Don't way 25 years to get it done. After all, Lockett was found guilty and sentenced in 1989. Invite the public to the execution and encourage picnicking on the grounds. Give special invitations to anyone considered to be a life-long criminal and let them sit on the front row. I bet this would change some of the ass hole's minds. R. M. "Mike" (Bubba) Cooper
10. Mike Cooper-JHS 1960 said on 5/22/14 - 07:46PM
Bubba say welcome to the world of ignorance! I'm ignorant and you must be ignorant also. Let's look at the facts: Benghazi: We know that we haven't been told the truth about what happened in Benghazi and we know that Obama and Hillary lied about it. Obama said that there would be people punished for this attack, have you heard of any captures? So where was Obama during the attack? Where was Hillary? Why was there no attempt at rescue during the battle? Why did they tell us for weeks after the attack that this was the result of a video when everyone knew that was not true. Who concocted the lie? IRS: Do we not know now that the IRS attempted to curtail conservative organizations from getting tax-exempt status? With tax exempt status they could raise more cash for their efforts. Is there anyone with a brain in this country that does not know by now that Lois Lerner is trying to hide the truth? Did not Obama promise to get to the bottom of this scandal? Has anything been done? We know that people have broken the law and someone needs to go to jail. VA: Is there any question in your mind that the people that run the VA have probably broken some laws? Have they not been letting veterans die on their watch? And where does the buck stop? Did Obama promise to have this investigated and solved. What does he have to investigate? They're dead and who caused it? Then there is Fast and Furious! Does it seem to you that this president welcomes a new scandal so that he does not have to answer for the one that came before? Even the Republicans seem to be stuck in this attitude of: "Let's look at this and then perhaps we'll know" Hell, we already know, let's convict someone! The problem here is that the DOJ is in the middle of all the lies and scandal. Now to spread the wealth of ignorance. There are many primary elections taking place at this time and they are disgusting. Example: In Texas there are 2 people running for the office of Lieutenant Governor. This is a powerful position in the state. For weeks and weeks now they have been calling their opponent a liar, a cheat and a disgrace to conservative government. There have even been some political ads that refer to their opponent's mental state. Now here is the truth. They both will say anything to get elected. So I consider them both to be scum, sucking lying trash. Because after this primary, they'll both be kissing each other's ass. So you see they all believe that you're ignorant! You'll believe anything they say and that's what makes me angry. I don't like being ignorant, do you? R. M. "Mike" (Bubba) Cooper

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