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Just Houston, Jones and school days

by Tom Wisdom on 04/24/14

Totsy, I think I'll refer to myself as the Sage of South Park Blvd.  That sounds so impressive.  Except that South Park Blvd. is now Martin Luther King  Blvd. and that doesn't sound so cool. R. M. "Mike"  (Bubba) Cooper

 Mike, Jimmy Parsley and I several years ago became aware that on the southeast corner of MLK and Griggs in front of the old Palms Center embed in the concrete curb in striking 1” blue and white tile is “Southpark Blvd” We talked about how to pull off a heist with a gas powered concrete saws and a pickup truck with a Tommy Lift…we would need uniforms and hard hats and barricades….then we thought what the hell would we do with it… but damn it …it needs to be preserved!!!  

Totsy Wisdom JHS 1960

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1. george.childre@yahoo.com said on 4/26/14 - 12:46PM
Hey, guys. Jones Class of '63. I lived on Chennault, 3 blks. S. of the King Center Drive-In. Hung out at Palm Center a lot w/ Chris Simpson, Allen Hancock & Gary Brown, all Falcons. We went to Cullen. I lived only about 3/4 mi. from Jones & walked to & from school. I would love to see the South Park Blvd. curb marker. Those were great times. I'm 68 until August. Am going to the 50th Reunion in a few days. This is a great Blog Site. I love that you guys are so much into remembering those wonderful days in South Park, "when we were young, my friend, & thought they'd never end." George Childre
2. Mike Cooper JHS 1960 said on 5/6/14 - 02:05PM
I will not be sending any songs for the next few days. My computer needs to go into the shop for repairs. So don't send me any emails until I get back on line. Thanks for your cooperation. I decided to make today a special story that has a lesson to be learned. It was December 1948 and I was 6 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. And here is the first song to set the mood. It's by Merle Haggard called If We Make It Through December. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGDo1Jybs_I Times were tough for the old Cooper family that year and my Mama and Daddy decided that we needed to go back to Ratcliff to spend Christmas with my Mammaw and Pappaw. So we threw everything in our old Hudson (that's the car we had at that time) and headed out for Ratcliff. To say that it was an exciting trip is an understatement. First the old Hudson had something to occur every few miles called a vapor lock (whatever that is) and we'd have to stop and let the poor old Hudson rest for a while before we could continue. Then we got to Ratcliff and everything was frozen as this was a hard winter in East Texas. So the drive from town to my Mammaw's house was like going on a roller coaster. The old sandy clay road was frozen solid and as we topped the hill above my Mammaw's house the thrill became unreal. The ride down that hill was slipping and sliding and brought me a lot of joy. I can remember that night which was really cold as we had sleet most of the night. I got to sleep with my Mammaw and she held me in her arms until I went to sleep. God Bless my Mammaw. The next morning was Christmas and like any six year old I was excited to see what Santa Claus would bring me. There was a decorated tree in the living room and it was a tree that had been cut down in the pasture and it was decorated with a lot of stuff. Under that tree I found the following for me: First, as always throughout my childhood years , my Mama had for me a sock or a paper sack and it always contained the same things. There would be an apple, an orange and then some nuts. The nuts were always the same. There would be 2 walnuts, 2 pecans, 2 almonds and 2 large black nuts that I won't use the name here. Later we discovered that they were called Brazilian Nuts. I think that she had two of everything to show that they were from both Mama and Daddy. There also would be a small bag of Christmas candy and it was always the same thing. It was red, white and green stripped and it was a swirl that was as hard as a rock. I have no idea where she could find this collection every year as I don't remember seeing it in any store so she must have put a lot of effort into getting these items for me. God Bless Mama for her love. Next under the tree was my gift from Santa and it was special. Santa had found a broom with a yellow broom handle. He had cut off the head of the broom and he had drilled a small hole in one end of the broom handle. In this small hole he had inserted a rawhide string about 12 inches long. That was the bridle to my new horse, Trigger. I cannot tell you how excited I was that day. I rode Trigger around the house more times than I could count and as I rode I marveled at the icicles that hung from the house and the trees. Trigger and I stayed together for 2 years and I rode him hard. It truly was one of the very best Christmas times ever spent by me. God Bless Daddy for his love. Then when I heard this song many years later, it immediately brought back memories of that special Christmas so long ago. Remember it's not what you get but the love behind the gift that makes it special. Here is Dolly Parton singing Hard Candy Christmas. I hope you enjoy the story and can remember that special Christmas that you had. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pttkAyWvAhU R. M. "Mike" (Bubba) Cooper

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