Class of 1963 let's hear where you lived and stories of your days running up and down Southpark Blvd. : Jones Falcons-Blog
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Class of 1963 let's hear where you lived and stories of your days running up and down Southpark Blvd.

by Tom Wisdom on 04/26/14

We love to hear your tales of yesteryear @ Jones

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1. Totsy Wisdom JHS 1960 said on 4/29/14 - 06:55PM
This is one of my favorite 1950s stories, so typical of the age. When I transferred from Jackson Jr High to Hartman when it opened I was assigned to Mrs. Davis’ H-7 Homeroom # 603. In that homeroom were some really neat kids and one of the neatest became my friend. Her name was Judy Payne and she was the 1955 version of Hello Dolly…a matchmaker. This is a true story…Judy came to me one morning in homeroom and said there is a certain girl that liked me. Well being 13 yrs old and having recently noticed that girls were much cuter than they had been in elementary school, I was very interested. Judy said she would point her out in the hall when the bell for 1st period rang. Judy with me in tow struggled against the flow to try to see this fine chick but all I saw was her blonde hair as she ducked into a classroom. The entire morning period found my mind occupied with this anticipated boy-girl adventure. Lunch came and I sought out Judy for another attempt to locate my possible first Jr High girl friend. Well it seems she had a different lunch period but Judy confirmed she did like me. As luck would have it I had an afternoon class with Judy and she shocked and thrilled me when she said this 12 year old babe wanted to go steady. Then Judy handed me a gold chain with one half of a heart on it. The other half was to be worn by my new “Steady” if I agreed. I slapped the chain around my neck with pledges of affection and a plea to get a look at this girl that like me…between 5th and 6th period someone pointed out this girl in a crowded corridor and she was cute and smiled at me…I floated into my 6th period class totally unable to concentrate on my lesson while touching the heart around my neck and dreaming of the promised meeting that Judy had arranged for after school. I sprinted down the hall to Judy’s class and when she came out I didn’t like the look on her face. She said, “Totsy I need to get the chain back from you…Jackie had broken up with you”! My heart had flown to unknown heights and crashed back to earth in the span of a mere 6 hours. I had been practically engaged to this blonde vision and lost her love all without ever talking to her. Such was the fate of many 7th grade flirtations….

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